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Open Source Development has emerged as a beneficiary tool for high end applications development. We offer an exclusive array of Open Source Services for all web and mobile applications. As a consequence of versatile, scalable, affordable and time-efficient nature of Open Source Application Development, the area has demonstrated massive growth over the last decade. Customized solutions designed by our highly talented and experienced open source web developers are the ideal choice for companies seeking optimum value for their money.

Reduced Cost

The development cost on an open source technology is far less as compared to development with the use of licensed software. Indirectly, this lowers the overall cost for the client while using open source platform in comparison to other parallel technologies. The other advantage of using an open source platform is its integrity with other relatively cheaper applications built on the same platform. These help in improving the organisation’s business logic and functioning. While cost is still important to companies, the way cost savings are realized differs from 10 years ago. Before it was a matter of downloading free stuff.

Operational Excellence

We are fully aware that each business has a different set of challenges. However, our services incorporate innovative technologies, which evolve along with the business. We work professionally with each of our clients to make sure proper implementation of the project and rendering of our services so that the business objective does not get disturbed. Our open source solutions enhance business value, improve operational excellence and guarantee strategic development for your business. Edots strengthens its associations with clients to help them remain loyal to us for life.

Advantages of open source technology

Reduced development time

License to reuse software

Enhanced portability

Availability of large resource pool

Cost savings

Vendor neutrality

Availability of fast fixes

Open source improves quality

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