The ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, easy internet access, and social networking has provided a great opportunity in all industries to have their custom developed application.

Due to immense competition, the survival and success of any business depends on the technologies implemented to support their client. We at edots, develop customised software solutions for various industries using our expertise in latest technologies, social networking, mobile and analytics, that enables companies with multiple benefits, like enhance guest experience, improve operations, decrease costs, generate new revenue streams, improved customer loyalty and many more.


Health Care

Healthcare technology, when implemented properly, has the power to improve the quality of healthcare while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Unfortunately, when done wrong, it can have the opposite effect. A step-by-step approach will avoid operational pitfalls.


Aggressive economic ambiguity, increasing demand for controlling cost & inventory, escalating need for operational efficiency, and quicker time-to-market are forcing modern businesses to implement robust and efficient manufacturing & logistics solutions.


Hotels have to analyse, predict, optimise and rationalise huge amounts of data in real time, and then distribute their rooms to an ever-growing number of sales channels while dynamically managing the best price to sell them at. We ensure that the systems are ready for future


Finance services sector need to address stringent governing & compliance norms, increasingly commoditized nature of finance products and services, and challenges in controlling operational costs. We help Finance institutions enhance their efficiency and serviceability.


We are a software company specialising in retail productivity. We aim to improve your brand’s retail execution, whether you are in Marketing, Store Ops, Visual Merchandising or HR. We develop applications to maximise the chance of creating the best retail experience for your customers.


There is a demand for better service in Insurance industry, regulatory uncertainty prevails, the online and mobile environments are playing a critical role in the future of business. The technology is playing a larger role in growth and profitability in the insurance industry.


The global Education industry is going through radical changes, due to factors like emerging technology innovations, student mobility, government regulations and others. Popularity of mobile devices and easy internet access has converted the Education industry into digital format.


Automotive Industry has gone beyond just moving vehicles. It is about intelligence, smartness, high performance, eco-friendly, audio video experience, telematics, mobility, social media and analytics. It is about providing innovative engineering solutions in a cost effective package.


As commerce continues to transition to digital channels, new eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces are growing to connect goods and services with potential customers at a phenomenal rate worldwide. These online platforms require the latest technologies to drive digital economy.

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